Vacation 2005

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The Tweed Cycling Club makes regular outings from its base in London. All are welcome.



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Headcorn 9-Sept-07

25 miles in the Kentish countryside. Meet at Headcorn railway station, noon. Pub lunch. Rain cancels. Report and photography.

Hovis Freewheel 23-Sept-07

Hovis, purveyors of bread to the British Empire, are organising a 'freewheel' in central London.Bring your own fishpaste.

Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour 17/18-May-08

Ex-colonial types on the bummel.Frequent brew-ups with options for pass storming. Information.

Dunwich Dynamo 19-Jul-08

Ride all night under a full moon for a bracing dawn swim on the shingle beach at Dunwich. Listen closely and you'll hear the old church bell tolling from the watery depths. Photography.

Gridiron 5-Oct-08

Sixty miles in the New Forest and a large number of cattle grids. Ride organised by Wessex CTC. OUTING CANCELLED DUE TO A CONSPIRACY OF RAILWAY ENGINEERING WORKS AND FOUL WEATHER.

Catford Hill Climb 12-Oct-08

Energetic 700 yard dash up an irresponsibly steep hill near Sevenoaks. Race first run in 1887. Fastest takes large cash prize.

Rocket Ride 2-Nov-08

Commemorating the discovery of the Gunpowder Plot, a short ride from Covent Garden to the summit of Primrose Hill from where a variety of incendiaries were be launched into the stratosphere. Photography.

LFGSS Winter Dress Club Run 24-Jan-09

An invitation to join this ride organised by the London Fixed Gear and Single Speed Forum has been extended to the members of the Tweed Cycling Club. 2pm start. Photography.

Oyster Run 21-March-09

Trains to Colchester, bicycles to the Company Shed, West Mersea, for oysters. Bring wine and bread. Photography. Commemorative poster by Bommer.

Tour of Flanders 4/5-April-09

Chips, mayonnaise, beer and cobblestones. Camping. Cycling for the brave of heart only.

Isle of Wight Randonnee 3-May-09

Circumnavigate the Wight.65 miles.Sunday 3rd May 2009. The Club will take digs at the Northbank Hotel, Seaview. Arrangements.

Blossom Excursion 25-May-09

Bank Holiday Monday among the blossoming fruit orchards of Kent, the garden of England.

Dunwich Dynamo 4-July-09

For the fourth year running, the sturdier members of Tweed CC will be riding through the night for a bracing dip in the North Sea. Meet London Fields at 9pm.

Autumn Almanac 26-Sept-09

Foraging for vittles and a visit to an auction of antique bicycles