Vacation 2005

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The offerings of most cycle merchants will leave the sartorially-inclined wheelman and lady cyclist deeply disappointed. Here is a selection of special products and outfitters that have earned the prestigious accolade 'by appointment to the Tweed Cycling Club'.


Leather, brass rivets. Desperately uncomfortable for the first ten thousand miles.


The discerning cyclist will disregard the flood of cheaply made Chinese tat and turn to the sturdy saddlebags made by horny-handed hillfolk of Nelson, Lancashire. It is not widely known that duck cotton is not cotton at all, but the skins of a great many duck feet stitched together, on account of which the material possesss remarkable waterproof qualities.

The Old Bicycle Company

Orders take a lifetime to arrive, but white-walled tyres are worth any wait.


A London-based company whose lycra abberations can be overlooked in favour of a selection of excellent woollen jerseys (see Style Guide).

Bicycle Workshop

Need a 3 speed Sturmey Archer hub gear tuned up or a wheel trued? Queen Ninon and her tribe of muscled mechanics are the best in town and the shop is the leading stockist of Brooks and Carradice (see above).

Rivendell Bicycle Works

Californians with taste.

Bobbin Bicycles

Bicycles, bells and baskets in North London.

Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Sartorial inspiration from stylish Danes.

3-Speed Tour

The spirit of 1930s England is alive and well in rural Minnesota.

Villiers Velo

Marvelous and good value hand built frames by Paul Villers, who learned his trade from Ron Cooper.


Is your next bicycle a Pedersen? Head over to Great Titchfield Street to find out by test riding dozens of exotic two-wheeled contraptions.


In addition the Club would like to thank Mr Kit Oates, photographer, for kind permission to use several of the photographs which previously appeared in a feature in The Chap magazine.