Vacation 2005

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Welcome to the Tweed Cycling Club

For today's cyclist, skin tight lycra may promise a reduction in wind resistance but also in decorum. A reflective yellow vest guarantees high visibility, but who would wish to be seen in such a garment? Certainly not the members of the Tweed Cycling Club. The Club's wheelmen and ladymembers wish for a return to the honest virtues of lugged steel, dynamo lighting and canvas saddlebags. A stout pair of plus fours offer day-long comfort while a Fair Isle vest takes the chill out of a frosty spring morning. As the Club passes the village green, a jaunty cap is doffed. The only performance enhancements are warm beer and woodbines.

Read about the Tweed Cycling Club in the Sunday Times Style Magazine.(October 2008) and The Chap (Summer 2007) .

Style not speed. Elegance not exertion.

You will find on details of past and forthcoming rides and tips for the sartorialist awheel.